During the 1930’s young Smitty is a hard working shoeshine boy, dropping his coins into the coffee can labeled “Rent.” Everyone in the family does their part. The Smith family might be money poor, but they’re rich with love and laughter. Though his parents try Smitty can’t be protected from the ugliness – the cruel prejudice that waits outside the boundaries of their Baltimore neighborhood.

At fifteen Smitty learns the painful truths of his unwanted birth and mixed up family tree. Convinced he’s a nobody he runs away from home and begins his search for significance. It takes nearly dying and an unwanted friendship with a white man for Smitty to discover the somebody he was born to be.

Rich with history and humor, The Legacy of Nobody Smith invites readers to witness the life of an insignificant nobody discovering he’s actually the cherished child of a loving God.

Dr. Tony Evans has written a forward for this novel based on his late uncle’s life.

All profits from the sale of this book go to The Helping Up Mission of Baltimore and The Urban Alternative.


Read an excerpt from the book here.

The book is scheduled for publication in the Spring of 2016.

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