When Pigs Fly….really!

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  “It seems smaller than the first time we were here,” I whispered to my husband, hoping the waitress didn’t hear my comment as she walked away. But it didn’t matter if she heard. The important thing was we were back – seated in the very restaurant where I had an amazing experience, a gift from God. One of those occasions you know for certain his love is for real. After Richard and I met it took only a few...

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The Story Behind the Song

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As a child sitting through Sunday church services, I used to entertain myself by finding the next hymn in the big, heavy songbook. With one particular tune Mom would always smile, lean over and whisper, “That’s great Uncle Luther’s song.” I’d never met Mom’s great Uncle Luther and wondered who he was.  When I was older, a very wise teenager, and this exact scene was repeated I’d roll my eyes and...

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My Stressful Storm Story (Or: Praise on the Aegean Sea)

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Last week’s tragic loss of life on the Italian cruise ship was so unnecessary, there wasn’t even a storm. I had one stormy sailing experience I care never to repeat. I wrote this account a few months later. As Diane picks the next song, I recall Pastor Glenn’s sermon from several months ago. Diabetes…discouraged…He went for a walk…and sang….When life is hard sing! Sing praises to God! Yes Diane,...

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Love That Stays

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Christmas came way too soon this year. Honestly, I didn’t even realize December had arrived until it was too late to see the original Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” on television. By then it was pretty much a lost cause of trying to catch up on all the Christmas activities. (I did make cookies….and forgot to add half the butter.) It amazes me how my blogging friends get new posts out into...

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I Did Not Sign Up For This!

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After traveling by airplane and automobile for two days, we finally arrived at our destination – Lake Tahoe! We were there so my husband could ski with friends. Mom and I had plans for relaxing and exploring. It was going to be fantastic! The description of the place we rented was so wonderful I could hardly wait to see it in person. It even came complete with our own private spa. Traveling always brings on extra aches and pains to my...

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My Patient Confession: “And That’s How the Doctor Found Me…”

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When we go to the doctor’s we receive information on patient rights and rights of privacy. I’m considering a new campaign: the right to a proper gown. Who invented those blue, tissue paper gowns anyway? You know, the ones with the thin plastic belt that wouldn’t fit around the waist of a Barbie doll? Last week I went to see the doctor. It was warm in the waiting room, so I slipped off the shirt I wore over a sleeveless top. Nobody else...

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