The Best Is Yet To Come

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Attitude & Encouragement, Blog, Faith In God, Interesting People | 2 comments

  Yesterday we laid to rest the worn, weary body of my 105-year old father-in-law. As I stood and gazed at the casket Dad himself had picked out, for a moment it felt like 105-years was too short a life.     At 102 years of age, weak and fading, Dad left all he knew and moved in with my husband and me, hundreds of miles away from his beloved New York countryside. Honestly, we thought he’d live just a few more...

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A Reassuring Plan

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Attitude & Encouragement, Blog | 0 comments

  Years ago one of my little nieces was preparing to turn nine years old. She wasn’t so sure she was ready, to her young ears nine sounded a lot older than eight. ¬†We gathered as a family to celebrate the big occasion. Weeks later I received a thank you note for the birthday gift I’d given. In her careful pencil print she wrote, “Nine’s not so bad after all!” We probably all feel that way from time to time,...

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Surfing an ER Visit

Posted by on Jul 23, 2016 in Attitude & Encouragement, Blog | 0 comments

Even a quick trip to the hospital Emergency Room can bombard you with a wide range of emotions, can’t it? Recently that was true for me when my husband experienced some symptoms that needed to be immediately checked by a doctor. (So grateful to say, all is well!) As I sat alone in the ER waiting room I prayed, reviewed the facts, and tried not to panic (something I’m very good at doing), when I overheard two women chatting behind me....

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Stormy Beaches and Backstory

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Attitude & Encouragement, Blog, The Legacy of Nobody Smith | 2 comments

As I write this my husband and I are away at the beach, a much needed respite from our role as caregivers. My husband knew exactly what I needed to feel refreshed. For me one of life’s delights is to settle on the beach with a good book, and read for hours with the pounding surf as my background music. Today it’s stormy and raining. While I might not be able to read on the beach, it’s still a good day to curl up with a good...

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Life: Let’s Jump In!

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in Attitude & Encouragement, Blog | 4 comments

“Jump on in, Les, the water’s great!” Standing on the edge of the sailboat, I wondered whether to believe my father, happily splashing in the river waters off the Chesapeake Bay. I wasn’t much of a jumper. I was more of an “easer” who lowered herself down the side of the boat via the swim ladder, and slowly got in the water an inch at a time. It took me longer, but eventually I was in and it was great. Forty...

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This Too Shall Pass

Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Attitude & Encouragement, Blog | 2 comments

“This is the only toy we brought, I don’t have any more for you,” the young mom explained to her restless toddler squirming in his stroller. Mom kept trying, “Feel the air conditioning in here? Isn’t that nice? We don’t even have lights at home.” I was sitting in my pain doctor’s waiting room watching this tired mom do her best. She had¬†chronic pain, a tired toddler, and no power or air...

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