The Best Is Yet To Come

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  Yesterday we laid to rest the worn, weary body of my 105-year old father-in-law. As I stood and gazed at the casket Dad himself had picked out, for a moment it felt like 105-years was too short a life.     At 102 years of age, weak and fading, Dad left all he knew and moved in with my husband and me, hundreds of miles away from his beloved New York countryside. Honestly, we thought he’d live just a few more...

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A High Tea Honor

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Little did I know the adventures ahead when I agreed to write James Smith’s story!  Recently I had the honor of being the guest speaker at The Irene B. Reid Memorial Tea, an annual event hosted by Leah’s Book Club in Baltimore. Two weeks later I’m still filled with joy from the experience. Their speakers in years past have been university professors, civil rights activists, and well known lawyers – big names!  I was...

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A Handshake with History – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  He said it so casually. I was amazed.   Here at Smitty’s kitchen table I sat next to history. “Does your granddaughter know this about you? That you met Martin Luther King, Jr.?”   Smitty leaned back, a wistful smile on his face. “You know I don’t think I’ve ever told her.”   “Well, please, tell me again.” As he spoke my pen danced over my paper and scribbled notes as I listened.   Smitty cleared his...

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What a Journey!

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Over the course of my life, I’ve been blessed by being able to travel. When I was a little thing, my dear father Irving did his best to offer the world to his young family. He would pile us in a tiny, little Volkwagon bug and drive us to the mountains of Skyline Drive in Virginia. Other times he took us to the beach for days spent jumping in the waves. As a young adult I saved money all year to go out on summer adventures shared with like...

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A Reassuring Plan

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  Years ago one of my little nieces was preparing to turn nine years old. She wasn’t so sure she was ready, to her young ears nine sounded a lot older than eight.  We gathered as a family to celebrate the big occasion. Weeks later I received a thank you note for the birthday gift I’d given. In her careful pencil print she wrote, “Nine’s not so bad after all!” We probably all feel that way from time to time,...

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