A High Tea Honor

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Little did I know the adventures ahead when I agreed to write James Smith’s story!  Recently I had the honor of being the guest speaker at The Irene B. Reid Memorial Tea, an annual event hosted by Leah’s Book Club in Baltimore. Two weeks later I’m still filled with joy from the experience. Their speakers in years past have been university professors, civil rights activists, and well known lawyers – big names!  I was...

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A Handshake with History – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  He said it so casually. I was amazed.   Here at Smitty’s kitchen table I sat next to history. “Does your granddaughter know this about you? That you met Martin Luther King, Jr.?”   Smitty leaned back, a wistful smile on his face. “You know I don’t think I’ve ever told her.”   “Well, please, tell me again.” As he spoke my pen danced over my paper and scribbled notes as I listened.   Smitty cleared his...

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Congratulations, Book Winners!

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Happy July 4th Weekend to Everyone!     And special congratulations to the winners of our 3-free book giveaway: 1.) maemoo1957 2.) tlwilliams115 3.) pbrowne1 (If each winner would please send me their mailing address by using the contact form at http://www.lesliebasilpayne.com/contact/  I will happily send the books on their way!) I so appreciate the interest and support of the many people who signed up for the giveaway, and only...

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Happy Fathers’ Day!

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Dear Dad & Smitty,   We did it! The book is done!  We’re telling the story of your friendship in “The Legacy of Nobody Smith”! (Can you read the Amazon reviews from Heaven?)                 I’m amazed and so grateful to have a part in sharing your story. I miss you both so much. Bet you both are as handsome as ever. Happy Fathers’ Day! All my love until we meet...

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Stormy Beaches and Backstory

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As I write this my husband and I are away at the beach, a much needed respite from our role as caregivers. My husband knew exactly what I needed to feel refreshed. For me one of life’s delights is to settle on the beach with a good book, and read for hours with the pounding surf as my background music. Today it’s stormy and raining. While I might not be able to read on the beach, it’s still a good day to curl up with a good...

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A Promise Kept

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Last week I was finally able to present The Legacy of Nobody Smith to the family of the man on whom the book is based. When Smitty was on his deathbed, I promised him I would do all I could to get his story told. I had worked eight years to get to this day. For eight years they had waited. What a special day it was for us...

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