“It seems smaller than the first time we were here,” I whispered to my husband, hoping the waitress didn’t hear my comment as she walked away. But it didn’t matter if she heard. The important thing was we were back – seated in the very restaurant where I had an amazing experience, a gift from God. One of those occasions you know for certain his love is for real.

After Richard and I met it took only a few dates for him to know he wanted to marry me. He’d been in a good marriage that lasted 23-years. Widowed a few years before we met, he knew what a good match for him would look like. He was confident we’d make a great team.

I, on the other hand, was still single at 42-years of age. Single as in had never been married. Though he quickly won my interest and respect, the thought of marriage was a bit overwhelming. In fact, years before I met him I’d sworn off love. My girlfriends knew my mantra, “I’ll fall in love again when pigs fly.”

A few days after I told him about my mantra, (a round about way of saying “slow down, mister, I’m not sure!”) we flew down the highway on a road trip. Our friend Bill was in the back seat. The three of us were off to visit a friend of Bill’s in Dover, Delaware.

As we neared our destination I glanced out the passenger side window and could barely believe what I saw. “Umm…Rich?”

He glanced over from behind the steering wheel. He smiled broadly. My eyes brimmed with tears. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. There zooming down the highway alongsiPigsFlyVande our car was a restaurant delivery van with a big flying pig painted on the side.

Okay, Lord, that’s cute, I’ll think more carefully about this man.  I get it. But apparently I didn’t.

Bill’s friend and I had never met, she knew nothing about me. So imagine my surprise – and Richard and Bill’s laughter – when our hostess drove us to the restaurant where we ate that evening. A restaurant named Where Pigs Fly decorated in a flying pig decor!

My heart fluttered anew that night, amazed at the Lord’s loving care. He knew my hesitant heart and exactly how to give me the nudge I needed. Richard and I were married a few months later.



Have you ever had an amazing nudge from God? Please share!





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