Sometimes life is too big.
Usually life seems like a wonderful adventure, a journey to be embraced. There are so many things to learn and experience. I want to live life to the fullest!
But today life was too big.
Today in my world wonderful, loving people were faced with a heart breaking diagnosis.
For others, a marriage slowly unravels.
And then, there are those who made risky choices and are dealing with the consequences.
When I thought of all the heartbreak happening in my little circle of life, it sent me straight to the kitchen for chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
That’s how I ended up taking a walk today.
I tried to burn up a few calories as I told God what I didn’t like about today. Why did he let these things happen? I don’t get it. I want things to be different. I think he needs to do things the way I want them done.
I stopped walking long enough to look around; no gorgeous hiking trails for me.
I was walking through our condo community…sidewalks, parking lots and a scrubby woods which doesn’t even begin to muffle noise from the major interstate on the other side.
A big scene of not-at-all-pretty, and that’s how life felt.
As I walked on, I slowed down and looked closely at things. Real close.
And what I discovered were little snapshots of God’s stunning creativity. Bits of beauty and love.
Until I can create pine trees, berries, and the stars in the sky, I won’t be able understand all that’s going on in the world. And since I’ll never be able to create those things, I’ll never be God. I have to trust him.
It’s called faith.
Sometimes the big picture of life is unpleasant. Maybe even ugly.
But tucked into even a rotton day are little snapshots of his love and blessings:
        a beautiful little baby,
        meeting a new neighbor,
        the ability to see a fluffy cloud,
 the smell of hot coffee,
 the sound of laughter,
        a great book to get lost in,
a hug from a friend.
Some days when life feels too big, look for the little snapshots. Look closely, they are there and they are to be savored, just like chocolate.