Over the course of my life, I’ve been blessed by being able to travel.

When I was a little thing, my dear father Irving did his best to offer the world to his young family. He would pile us in a tiny, little Volkwagon bug and drive us to the mountains of Skyline Drive in Virginia. Other times he took us to the beach for days spent jumping in the waves.

Like my hat?

Like my hat?

As a young adult I saved money all year to go out on summer adventures shared with like minded friends. We camped in State Parks and explored National Park treasures across these beautiful United States.

Hiking in Montana

And as an older adult I’ve been blessed to be married to a man who loves to travel. We’ve seen some of Europe, sailed the Atlantic Coast, and enjoyed road trips.

Sunset on the boat






Container Camping


Recently we “camped” in a container cabin – a cozy little dwelling made out of used shipping containers.


As wonderful as these adventures have been, they can’t compare to the adventure of writing Smitty’s story in The Legacy of Nobody Smith. After years of work, plodding on paragraph by paragraph – the book was born. Now is the fun adventure of spreading the word: press releases, newspaper articles and book club talks. Opportunities I could never havthe-legacy-of-nobody-smith-front-finale dreamed of are opening up to share Smitty’s story.

It’s all the Lord’s. He wrote powerful message of transforming hope throughout Smitty’s life. I had the honor of crafting it into words. And now The Legacy of Nobody Smith is a book that is being read. Touching hearts and lives. What a joy! What a journey!