The big day has finally arrived! The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It is certain to be the perfect wedding. Perhaps. I’ve been a bridesmaid ten times, I know about weddings — too often something goes wrong.

A bride at 42, I knew something might go wrong at my wedding. I just wasn’t prepared for how wrong! I had tried on traditional gowns of satin and lace, but the weight of all that fabric made my neck ache. So for me it was a simple white satin dress bought for $120; add a veil and long satin gloves and it was perfect.
Perfect until I put the dress on before the ceremony and discovered three long stripes of black grease down the front! A friend tried to scrub out that stubborn grease; nothing worked. Yet when I walked down the aisle no one else knew what went wrong. Crest toothpaste painted over the grease hid the stains perfectly. I wore a big smile and a wedding dress with tartar control!
Life is like a wedding. As a teenager, you plan on a life of bliss. As an adult, you get reality. The great thing is, even with all its trials and troubles it’s your life! Thank God for today and make it count! Slather on the toothpaste where you need to deal with life’s imperfections, then walk out into the world with a big smile. After all, you are Royalty – your Heavenly Father is King.