A few weeks ago on Easter Sunday, I introduced two little friends to the fun of hunting for Easter baskets. Raised in Europe with other traditions, this was their first time to search for baskets. They ran from room to room, looked under beds, and peeked around corners. Their delight was priceless.
At first, I wondered if they would be afraid because they searched in rooms they had never before entered. It was unknown territory. Yet they opened doors and peered into dark closets without fear. They knew I loved them, so they were not afraid. I gave them instructions how to find the baskets and stayed close beside them throughout the hunt. They searched with confidence and joy.
Unlike these little ones, so often in life my first response to the unknown is fear. Fear of what waits around the corner. Fear of unknown territory. Fear of aging and physical challenges. Apparently though, I’m not the only one with this struggle. “Fear not” is repeated in the Bible over and over again. The Lord knows it can be a scary world for us.
We need to remember He loves us more than we can imagine. The Bible gives us guidance how to live our lives. And the Risen Lord Jesus – the One who conquered death so we might live – promised He would always be with us. With Him beside us, we can leave fear behind and step into the unknowns of tomorrow with confidence and joy.