As the rest of the congregation stood to sing, I stayed seated. God would just have to understand.

After all, He didn’t suspend the Laws of Physics when that big ol’ truck rear ended me. And this morning – over a decade later – I was hurting. Bad.

Too sore to stand. Too tired to use all that energy.

I sat in my “oh-so-casual-pose.”  Really it’s “my-pain-is-getting-to-me” pose. If I sit with my elbow and arm propped up on the back of whatever I’m sitting on, I can support my head with my hand. My arm holds up my head and my throbbing neck muscles get a little rest.

So there I sat one Sunday morning, arm propped up on the back of the pew, as everyone else stood to sing. I did some deep breathing, tried to relax and hoped the tears would hold off until I was alone.

Then I got the giggles.

We were singing “The Power of Your Love.” It’s a beautiful song, one of my favorites, based on Isaiah 40:30. There the prophet says,
 “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength,
They will soar on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.”

The words to the song were displayed on the screen in front of the church.
And that’s when I got the giggles.

There was a typo.

The words were supposed to read

“I will soar with you,
your Spirit leads me on
in the power of Your love.”

But with the typo it said,

“I will sore with you…”

That about summed it up for me!

One little typo personalized the song as if it were written just for me.
I was terribly sore.
Hurting. Aching. In pain.

But so long as the Lord is with me,
I will sore on with Him
in the power of His love.

And believe me, without His powerful love I would not get through.
One day I hope I’ll soar again but for now, He gives me enough.

I hope and pray His love is helping you through the painful parts of your life.