“This is the only toy we brought, I don’t have any more for you,” the young mom explained to her restless toddler squirming in his stroller.
Mom kept trying, “Feel the air conditioning in here? Isn’t that nice? We don’t even have lights at home.”
I was sitting in my pain doctor’s waiting room watching this tired mom do her best. She had chronic pain, a tired toddler, and no power or air conditioning at home on a day the temperatures neared 100.
Our area had an unexpected summer storm last week. Half a million homes had no power or air conditioning while temperatures outside hit 100 degrees. The electric company warned it may take a week for everyone to have their power restored.It’s hard to believe this is the same area that was paralyzed by snow a couple of winters ago.

My husband and I were grateful we had power after the storm. We’ve had four family members staying with us. It’s cozy in our 1,000 square foot condo. We’ve watched movies, carried on overlapping conversations, and ate throughout the day doing our best to make a party out of the situation.


Even now, others in Colorado are fleeing fires, leaving their homes behind, not sure what they will come back to. Their situation puts into perspective those of us simply without electric.


You have your own challenging situations in life, unknown to me but very real to you.
One thing is for sure, change happens.

Power will be restored. Temperatures will cool. Fires will die down.


Our challenge during this earthly journey is to celebrate the good times and do our best during the hard times. Always remembering, “This too shall pass.”
That’s comforting when things are difficult.
And when things are good, let that reminder sweeten the moment.
Here’s wishing you plenty of sweet moments in life.
For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1
(New Living Translation)