Yesterday we laid to rest the worn, weary body of my 105-year old father-in-law. As I stood and gazed at the casket Dad himself had picked out, for a moment it felt like 105-years was too short a life.



At 102 years of age, weak and fading, Dad left all he knew and moved in with my husband and me, hundreds of miles away from his beloved New York countryside. Honestly, we thought he’d live just a few more months.


His artist’s nook in our home, 103-years old

A year later, he’d put on significant weight, adjusted to a new schedule, made new friends, and enjoyed his own piano and art studio in our home.

Dad’s first selfie, 104 years



At 104-years old he regularly worked out on his recumbent stationary bicycle, lifted hand weights, and strolled around the neighborhood with a chatty aide by his side. Health care workers who came into our home admitted they’d never met a man this old, let alone so alert and clear minded.


But yesterday the truth hit home, the man who seemed like he would never die left this earth – and oh the Legacy he has left behind!



Countless souls have been touched and encouraged by his lifetime ministry as a pastor, faithfully teaching about Jesus’ love and faithfulness. Dad had a gentle smile, encouraging words, and never said an unkind word about anyone. People young and old simply loved him.


Proud First Time Parents


At 94 years old, with his bride of 72-years

One by one our days go by, even for those who seem timeless.

None of us knows how many days we have left here. Let’s live fully, love freely, and honor the Lord Jesus with all we do because no matter how many years we have on Earth, it goes by fast.

And for those who simply trust Jesus, the best is yet to come.

Thrilled to drive a wagon again, 98-years old








The last time I was with Dad he was in between worlds. He lay on his bed, and repeatedly said, “Glory, glory, oh, glory.”


Holding his hand I leaned toward him, “Dad, what are you seeing?”


He lifted his other hand, wiped his eyes as if to clear his vision and shook his head. “Oh glory. Glory! Glory!”


Gone from this world, the best part of Dad’s life has just begun. No longer weary and worn, he’s living in Glory forevermore. Amen.


Have you ever been with someone who has seen a glimpse of Heaven?