Wise and eloquent words have evaporated from my brain. It’s late in the evening. I should be tired, but I’m too excited about what the adventure I’ve been on – the adventure of the past eight years!

When I said “yes” to writing Smitty’s story, I had no idea what was ahead. Actually when we started our interviews I had no intention of writing a book. And yet, countless revisions and eight years later I now have the honor of sharing The Legacy of Nobody Smith with readers.

At times this whole experience overwhelms me. Recently I spoke at a women’s book club. During our discussion one of the women leaned forward and raised her hand. Her voice quivered as she said, “This book has deeply affected me.” She wiped a tear from her eye. I practically held my breath, once again amazed and so grateful I’ve been able to share Smitty’s story.

In another couple of days  I’m taking the next step in sharing The Legacy of Nobody Smith. Through the power of internet advertising the book will be exposed to a wider audience. Plus I’m having an ebook sale in honor of February as Black History Month. Book production is paid for. Now the money earned will go to The Urban Alternative and The Helping Up Mission of Baltimore. The adventure continues – let’s see what God will do!