Ever spend an hour with a 4 year old? Suddenly you see the world through a child’s eyes. A tiny ant becomes an object of fascination. Ordinary pebbles and sticks become collectors’ items. A dead locust becomes worthy of a funeral. And playing hide and seek happens with you “hiding” behind than a tree thinner than yourself. It’s all a wonderful lesson in play.
      Oliver Wendell Holmes (writer and U.S. Supreme Court Judge) said, “Men do not quit playing games because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing games.”
      Every now and then, take time to let the aches and pains fade a bit while you laugh and celebrate a childlike moment. You might be surprised at how refreshed you feel by some innocent fun. Having a 4 year old child nearby is purely optional.
      A  few suggestions to get you going:
      Swing on a swing set
      Color in a coloring book
      Paint with watercolors
      Read a children’s story
      Ride a bike
      Watch the clouds and see what animal shapes you see
      Blow soap bubbles and watch them float through the air
      Buy some balloons
      Laugh for no reason
      I’d love to hear other ideas from you.
      Have fun!
      Grace & Peace,