Even a quick trip to the hospital Emergency Room can bombard you with a wide range of emotions, can’t it? Recently that was true for me when my husband experienced some symptoms that needed to be immediately checked by a doctor. (So grateful to say, all is well!)

As I sat alone in the ER waiting room I prayed, reviewed the facts, and tried not to panic (something I’m very good at doing), when I overheard two women chatting behind me. They were obviously good friends, one read to the other from a cell phone.

emotions are like waves


She read something along the lines of, “Emotions are like ocean waves, they just keep coming. You have to choose which wave you’re going to ride.”

“Mmm-hmm, you got that right,” her friend affirmed.

I turned so they could hear me. “Thank you, I really needed to hear that.”

We chatted and had a nice visit. Along with them was one woman’s grown daughter, a graduate of my college alma mater, a teacher and a writer! She was a delight and helped keep my mind focused on good things, not fear, until my husband walked up beside me ready to go home.

Out of all the emotional waves that bombarded me, with the help of those women I chose the best one to surf by focusing on the moment, being grateful for good medical care and enjoying a visit with others nearby. As my husband and I left the hospital hand in hand, I thanked the Lord for an introduction to some great people and the reminder of how fragile life is – the life He gives each one of us as He holds us in His mighty hands.

Are emotional waves pounding your life right now? What helps you to surf the right wave?