As I write this my husband and I are away at the beach, a much needed respite from our role as caregivers. My husband knew exactly what I needed to feel refreshed. For me one of life’s delights is to settle on the beach with a good book, and read for hours with the pounding surf as my background music. Today it’s stormy and raining. While I might not be able to read on the beach, it’s still a good day to curl up with a good book. The storm doesn’t bother me, actually it’s a nice change.

But the storms of life are never “a nice change.” Those storms too often leave us wounded, weary and wondering where God is in the midst of it all. It doesn’t matter the particulars of the storm that’s individual to each of our lives, but we all understand the idea of pain related to life’s dark seasons.

When I interviewed Rev. James “Smitty” Smith for my book The Legacy of Nobody Smith, he mentioned the painful seasons in his life without dwelling on them. He had them, they were real. His wife even emphasized, “Smitty went through some very dark days as a young man,” and I had no doubt that was the truth. The thing was I had such tremendous respect for Smitty (as did everyone who knew him), it was really difficult to imagine the young Smitty who believed he was a nobody.I knew him best when he was in his 70’s and 80’s, the final chapters of his life. Smitty’s backstory happened before I was even born.

Isn’t it wonderful to realize God doesn’t waste our stormy season? He knows the character he wants to shape in us, the way he wants to mold us through the storms if we can just hold on, if we’ll let him work. He already envisions us in our final chapters even as we’re living out the backstory of our lives.

If you’re going through a stormy season right now, hold on. Get through. Let God work. One day by God’s grace, you’ll tell someone your story and they’ll shake their head, amazed at what God has done in and through you. You’re life will be his story of love and faithfulness written throughout the chapters of your life, and that’s better than any book on the beach.


The Legacy of Nobody Smith is now available on Amazon. Profits go to The Urban Alternative and The Helping Up Mission of Baltimore.