My Beloved Chair

When my hubby and I married, I moved only a few large items into our little condo. A few of the items might have been negotiable, but not my recliner.

After my auto accident my recliner was my refuge, my soft, safe place during years of horrible pain. It is still where I go when I hurt most. It matches nothing in our home,  but it is here to stay.

For almost a year after the accident, the majority of my life was spent in this recliner. Positioned next to a wall of windows, my recliner faced the television and two mostly bare living room walls. As I sat in, slept in, and rested in my recliner, I also faced the television and two boring walls. 

After six or seven months, I needed some adventure! I moved from the recliner to the sofa. There from the sofa was a completely new view of the world! It was amazing!

 I could look out the windows to the woods just yards away. Leaves were emerging on tree branches. There was springtime sunshine! And squirrels leaped from one branch to another entertaining me like my own private circus! After that day, my routine changed. Mornings I spent in my recliner. Afternoons I spent on the couch.

Fast forward ten years and I’m loving life with my dear husband. In a corner of our little condo, my recliner now faces a television and some windows that give a peek out onto the parking lot. Not bad, but not inspiring.

One day as I sat in my chair, tired of the view, a burst of outside-the-box thinking hit me! Inspired, I turned my chair around. From the new position I saw more sky than parking lot! And with a bird feeder in view I had a front seat to observe amazing little winged creatures. I felt like I was on a National Geographic photo shoot.

Moving from the chair to the couch, or simply turning my chair around were small changes, but for me they offered big payoffs. It makes me wonder what other small changes I might make that could offer positive payoffs.

Any suggestions? What small changes could you make for yourself?