“Road closed, detour ahead. Well, I wonder where this will take us,” Mr. Payne remarked as he turned the wheel and followed the detour signs. I sat shotgun and contemplated his pleasant response.
My thoughts were not as tranquil. Detour! I’m tired, hot and hungry. My neck, back and shoulders hurt like the dickens. We’ve had a full day already, and now a detour? What next?!
Thankfully, before I opened my mouth I remembered we were in Hawaii…on our honeymoon. How could I possibly complain?
What initially felt like an irritant turned out to be a superb surprise. We ended up at a lovely black sand beach complete with sea turtles napping in the sun. Days before when we were snorkeling, a sea turtle swam close by to get a look at us. I was so thrilled I started talking in excitement. (Not a good idea when underwater!) And then, thanks to a detour, I sat and watched sea turtles on a black sand beach. Life sure was good!
I wonder though, how many other times I’ve allowed my tired attitude and weary body rob me of a pleasant surprise. Days don’t go as planned. Tasks get interrupted. Disappointments happen. But maybe, if I learn to wonder what’s ahead instead of focus on what’s wrong at the moment, there might be a nice surprise waiting to be discovered.
Grace & Peace,