In the locker room and ready for the pool.

Where can you find people with aching bodies having fun and laughing?  Warm water aerobics, that’s where!

My pain doctor sent me to warm water therapy this year. It has been wonderful… the warm water soothes my body yet invigorates me as I exercise gravity-free. It’s also good for the soul. At 51-years of age, I’m “the baby” of the group. My fellow classmates inspire me with their determination to laugh at life, live fully, and not complain. (There’s also the 98-year old man who swims laps every day. Talk about inspiring!)

With the Olympics coming up, I’m sure more than a few of us will compare our aging bodies against these young, world class athletes. It’s not an encouraging comparison.

But as we grow older, what we lose in muscle mass we gain in good humor. There’s nothing like a little life experience to teach you how to look for the humor, celebrate the little things, and be grateful for an ordinary day.

Here’s a link to some Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimmers who know how to do just that. Take
a moment and enjoy this. The laugh will do you good.