Dad's Sailboat

“Jump on in, Les, the water’s great!”

Standing on the edge of the sailboat, I wondered whether to believe my father, happily splashing in the river waters off the Chesapeake Bay. I wasn’t much of a jumper. I was more of an “easer” who lowered herself down the side of the boat via the swim ladder, and slowly got in the water an inch at a time. It took me longer, but eventually I was in and it was great.

Forty years later my teenaged niece and fellow writer is encouraging the same thing. “Start blogging again. Just jump in!” She beams her smile at me and I melt.

There’s more bloggers in the world than can be counted, so why bother? Because it’s about the satisfaction that comes with “writing tight” and perhaps encouraging a reader who finds you in cyberspace.

More than a year ago my blogging habit was interrupted by an odd smell and the evacuation of our home. Given the choice between breathing easily (literally) or staying home we opted to leave. In the year that followed, we moved 14 times as we tried to solve our vacant home’s problem. All my reading was focused on indoor air quality, there was no time for writing.

I’m not sure I remember how to construct a simple paragraph, let alone navigate my website. Yet at my core, I am a writer.

What part of you has been interrupted? Are you an artist too busy to create? An athlete burdened by some extra pounds? A wife who feels too frumpy? Or a husband whose forgotten he’s the protector of his family?

Perhaps you have a relationship that’s been interrupted by miles or misunderstanding. Or there’s a neighbor you’ve been meaning to check in on.

Whoever you are, whatever it is, join me.

Let’s jump in! They say the water’s great!


“A life lived to the fullest is to the glory of God!”

-my dad (probably quoting someone else)