Have you heard the latest?

Really I should say, have you seen the latest? I saw it at the store last week: the newest, latest greatest accessory for your cell phone.

This clever accessory allows for hands free conversation, reduces exposure to cell phone radiation, and is comfortable to use.

Those are all very desirable qualities.

If I were much of a cell phone user (which I am not) I would definately buy this. Really!

What is this new accessory?

It’s a retro piece!

Ta da!

If you are forty years old or more, perhaps you laughed out loud like I did. I mean, this is the kind of phone receiver we grew up with. I think it’s a riot and I think it’s very clever marketing.

I also think there’s something to be learned here. Sometimes getting back to the basics improves our lives. The simpler things we’ve

set aside might be just the thing we are looking for.

Our lives get so complex. Being too busy can lead to pain flare ups, headaches and heartburn. Too much input from our wireless world can leave us overloaded and undone, without anything left to give those we love.

Looking at these retro phone accessories makes me want to make time for…

A Sunday afternoon nap.

A few days without television and getting lost in a really good book.

Getting together for a gab session with my girlfriends.

Laying in the grass and looking up at the clouds.

Just for a day, unplugging from the wires that connect me with the rest of the world.

Baking cookies with little kids.

Licking an ice cream cone.

Savoring a hug.

Getting on my knees at night and thanking the Lord for another day.

What would be on your list?