When people travel, they often return home with exotic souvenirs: wall hangings, tapestries, art pieces, sculptures.

What do I come home with after exploring 1,260 miles of the East Coast by sailboat? A container full of sea glass…pieces of glass found on the beach after being broken and tossed about in the ocean for years, decades, or even centuries.

There is something about sea glass that fascinates me. Every time I discover a piece, I am excited and amazed. Each one is a treasure, with a mysterious history I can only imagine.
At first, the glass was fashioned to have a specific purpose: a milk bottle, vase, 7-Up soda bottle, or perfume bottle.
Then, somewhere in time the glass lost its purpose and was no longer needed. It ended up in the
sea, tossed out, broken.
Surrounded by water, rolling waves, rocks, and beaches the glass broke even more, and gradually changed form. Over time, sharp edges smoothed out. Detailed etchings faded in with the rest of the glass. And depending on the salinity of the water, a beautiful frosted look may have appeared.

Have you ever felt tossed aside? No longer needed? Have you had a specific role in life, and then had it taken away? Ever felt broken? There are so many things in life that can break us: divorce, illness, chronic pain, loss, death of a loved one…the list seems endless.

These parts of life can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. But if we trust the Lord, even as we feel tossed and thrown about, good things can happen.
Our rough edges of impatience get smoothed away, as we gain new understanding about ourselves and others. Wisdom changes the way we see things. Grace and compassion season our words and actions. We learn to cherish life, and the beauty of the moment.

By God’s grace, I am still a work in progress. Jesus shapes and smoothes the rough edges of my heart. Are you allowing Him to do the same?
Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes we get a glimpse of His beauty being fashioned in us. Either way He is trustworthy and faithful. We can be confident that “the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.”   (The Message, Philippians 1:6)
He knows every detail of what you are going through,
the circumstances that are
smoothing out your rough edges.
And He treasures you.