Come along on a journey that begins in Baltimore during the Great Depression. There, a boy named Smitty grows up secure in the love of his family and knows little of the ugliness – the cruel prejudice waiting out in the world. But when a cousin reveals the secrets surrounding Smitty’s unwanted birth, he enters manhood deeply wounded. The Legacy of Nobody Smith is the true account of bitterness and hardship overcome by faith and hope. It’s the life story of Smitty Smith – an insignificant nobody – discovering he’s actually the cherished child of a loving God.


Photos Courtesy of:

National Archives, Leroy Skalstad, Family of Rev. James H. Smith

The Legacy of Nobody Smith

Final Book Cover

Rev. James Smith, known to friends as Smitty, asked me to help write his life story for the family. He was a father, grandfather and uncle, and wanted to be sure his story was told. I agreed to help him out. The story that unfolded was so much bigger than he realized.

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